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March 22, 2020


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Important Truths about the Production and Use of Organic Products

Well, many people wonder what organic products are and what all the fuss about using organic products is. Well, in order to understand the emphasis on the use and produce organic products, one must realize that there are many ways of killing a cat. Similarly, there are many ways of producing foods and other products. A case in point is the use of organic products and methods versus the use of synthetic ingredients and non-conventional methods. Those who opt for organic production and the use of organic products believe that it is ethical, healthier, eco-friendly and sustainable. This article will outline the important truths about the production and use of organic products.

Organic production is relevant in many sectors such as the production of foods, animal raring and in the production of skin care and supplement products. Prior to the industrial age, a man had relied on conventional methods to produce food. This means that the application of compost, manure and farming methods such as crop rotation ensured that they had a bumper harvest year in and year out. Methods such as intercropping and the rotation of plants put the pests at bay. For instance, planting of pungent crops such as onions ensured that fruits and vegetables did not get pest infestations. Soil organisms and insect predators were also used to aerate the soil and keep harmful pests at bay. The organic crops have more antioxidants, more nutrition, better taste and little to no chemical residue in comparison to the synthetically produced crops. They are rich in minerals, micronutrients, enzymes, and vitamins.

During the industrial age, however, farmers turned to synthetic pesticides, chemicals, petroleum-based fertilizers, and bioengineered genes to produce crops and rare animals. The use of such products had health and environmental repercussions. The greatest health concern is that the farmers who use pesticides are exposed to harmful toxins and heavy metals through ingestion or contact with the skin. These toxins affect the respiratory system and other body organs. Many have reported cases of cancer, lung and kidney problems, skin conditions, fertility problems, neurological issues, and serious respiratory problems. Many laboratory examinations have also indicated that these toxins are carried onto the food products in the form of residues and slowly affect the health of the consumers.

The non-conventional methods of production are also bad for the environment. When pesticides, and petroleum-based fertilizers are applied to the crops on the farm, they find their way into the soil and the water table. This affects the alkalinity of the soils, and realizes toxins to the underground and groundwater catchments. Similarly, the chemicals further linger in the air and affect the quality of air. This is in addition to affecting those who breathe the toxic gases in the atmosphere. When the environment is exposed to toxins, contamination, and pollution it cannot efficiently support the lives of plants and animals. Farmers and consumers alike should turn to organic products as they are safer, ecologically clean and more sustainable.

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